Powerful iPad Models Already Being Prepared in a Range of Sizes – iPad Mini

It was only a matter of time but so soon?

The iPad only touched down in the UK a coupla months ago and already all manner of v2 tweakage is being chatted about!

The most interesting (or annoying if you bought version 1) is that the next iPad will have serious gaming skills as well as an eye-popping screen 🙂

The rumoured OLED screen would add more depth of colour but I reckon that the LCD Retina display that’s sported by the iPhone 4 would look un-freaking-believable on the iPad.

Word on the street is that iPad 2 would have slick enough graphics to challenge the Xbox 360 and if you want more choice as to what size your Apple tablet comes in……. howsabout 5.6 and a 7 inch model?

Apparently Compal Electronics have won the order to make the new iPads, which will include the specced up version 2 and some ‘sources’ are saying that Apple has placed orders with plans for the new gadgets to land in late 2010, or early 2011.

OLED screens and a beefed-up graphics card sounds great and the addition to some iPad Mini’s is intriguing; but if the upgrade lands this year I can see a lot of unhappy iPad owners!

Do you reckon having some new size iPads is a good idea?

Let me know 🙂

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