Post a Mini You to Your Valentine – Sculpteo

It’s just around the corner gadgety faithful and where February 14th means being glued to live blogging of the Mobile World Congress to check out what’s new in the phone world to some – others demand something, you know, more romantic.

So, how can you be with your significant other and still stay true to the world of tech?

3D printing. Simples.

Sculpteo will use this marvel of the modern age to craft a 7-10cm version of you in glorious 3D which you can to your other half.

The 3D mini-me’s….. errrr…. you’s are created simply by providing a front and profile pic of yourself which are then, in turn, made into a digital 3D printed model – you can then add a splash of colour and customisation to your hearts content.

Best of all Sculpteo promise to deliver it in six working days.

If you (or they) are after something more ‘symbolic’ why not opt for the Valentine’s couple model? You and your partner eternally bonded together in miniature. That’s bound to get the Monday morning off to a good start 😉

Scuplteo has plans to extend the service to smartphone photos so that we can all add to the creation of a micro world as we go.

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