Possibly the most useful gadgety multitool yet

usb multi tool openI think it’s safe that to say that most of us here have or do own a multi-tool of some descript. Yes, as a musician, I’m counting gaffer tape in that. None could be as useful to the gadgety faithful as this USB charging multitool though.

Available from FredFlare for a paultry 20 bucks, this brilliant tool guarantees you’ve always got the means to charge your gadget.

Within the familiar silhouette it’s packing USB, mini USB, and micro USB connectors. It’s even got a flip-out arm with the old-school 30-pin dock connector, for those like me who are still rocking older Apple hardware.

Ok, so those folks out there with their iPhone 5 or latest gen iPads won’t find as many uses for this, but then they’ve got the latest gear so are probably not too worried about things like this.

usb multi tool

I’m seriously considering one of these.

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