Possibly the clearest photos of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S Edge

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy EdgeThese photos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge might be the best sneaky peek to hit the interwebs yet.

The main photo you see here was sent to Cnet Korea and is reported to show the Samsung Galaxy S6, both in and out of cases, as well as showing the Edge version of the device which appears to match an earlier guesstimate of how the triple-screened smartphone would look based upon the Unpacked Event invitation.

It’s rumoured that Samsung will be releasing two handsets on 1 March at Galaxy Unpacked. The first will be the regular SGS6, with 5.1-inch Quad HD display and using different materials to previous devices – yes Samsung Galaxy fans, you may well be getting metal handsets this time around!

The second handset will be an Edge┬ávariant, following the pairing of the two Note devices launched in September 2014. It has been strongly rumoured that the S6 Edge (or S Edge as it might be called) will have the curved edge on both sides – not too dissimilar to the LG Displays handset.

The leaked snap above does appear to show two different Edge models – the one lying down with the top of the phone closest to us has a curved edge on the left but the one standing has at least the right-hand side curved.

This could be for a couple of reasons – one is that Verus – who is behind thees renders – might not actually know what Samsung will be revealing. Either that, or Samsung is lining up left and right-handed Edge models or, perhaps three, including a double edge.

samsung galaxy s5GSMArena also has some encased Sammys to browse, the one here shows you three views of what is purported to be the S6.

Expect many more case leaks in the run up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch but there’s only one sure way of finding out what Samsung has for 2015 – wait for the Unpacked Event on March 1st.