Porsche P’9123 – DAB Radio and iPhone / iPod Dock

It’s now time for Eton’s DAB radio to get the Porsche Design treatment. 

Eton have launched the Porsche Design P’9123 stereo with the claim that it takes sound and design “to the limits“.

Apparently capturing the “essence of Porsche design”, the P’9123 has been made with a “double wall construction with a geometric acrylic casing fused to the metal housing, rubberised paint on the grill and a ventilation system for cool air circulation.”


Sound comes out via three 1.5-inch full-range drivers and 3-inch active subwoofer.

Also on-board is DAB/AM/FM radio and short wave frequencies, an OLED alphanumeric display, an alarm clock radio, iPod/iPhone dock and metallic remote control complete with torch (I’m guessing for bedtime listening and finding where the other half of that broken biscuit went).

Measuring 130 x 141 x 229mm and weighing in at 2.8 kilograms, the P’9123 will go on sale in August for £480.

I need to hear it before I can say whether it sounds as impressive as it looks but so far so good :0)

Website – Eton