Pool Worldwide – Google Street View First Person Shooter

A first person shooter (FPS) and Google Street View mash-up? This is either disturbing or genius.

That’s right gadgety faithful – this is truly out there! That’s a pic of me strolling throug Walthamstow, E17!

Now, one part of me sees it as some harmless fun as you are simply moving around Google’s Street View but with the optional extra of a FPS-style assault rifle. There’s no death, no blood – just sound effects. Let’s face it, we’ve already seen Zombies appear in our neighbourhoods thanks to Virgin!

The other part of me is the empathetic bit that sees that this could be a bit close to home for those affected by gun crime.

Personally I’m going to stick to Counter Strike, the Left 4 Deads and such like.

Go and try the mash-up at Pool World Wide here and let me know what you think.

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