Pomegranate NS08 – Smartphone Brews Coffee and Shaves

I love smartphones and I’m one of those people that loves it when convergence works. I was one of those guys that searched to find if I could actually buy the Wasp T12 Speechtool after seeing it on the very first episode of Nathan Barley back in 2005 🙂

Now I’ve stumbled across this bad-boy. The Pomegranate NS08 built and designed in Nova Scotia, of all places.

The millimeters-thin touchscreen phone handles voice, web browsing, and e-mail with ease but has some other surprises up its shell!

After checking your e-mail in the morning, the Pomegranate can brew coffee by using special single-serve coffee pods. There are currently four flavours available (Hazelnut, Columbian, French Vanilla, and Sumatran), which is a nice start.

Once you’ve gotten your first cup of coffee in your system, the NS08 features an electric razor for trimming on the go.

You also get a high-definition projector for movies and the thing will even turn into a harmonica: “You can play along with preset beats or go freestyle. No other phone in the world plays like the Pomegranate,” according to the NS08 website.

All of the above sounds fab but that keyboard looks almost impossible to use and the small problem that the phone isn’t real.

Sorry 🙁

It’s the brainchild of Nova Scotia tourism, the idea that “Someday you’ll be able to get everything you want in one device” but “Today you can get everything you want in one place”.

Now NS 08 makes sense doesn’t it?  Great idea and kudos to the marketing team!

Pomegranate Phone