Polaroid Snap is a cute, photograph printing compact cam

polaroid snap mainPolaroid has a neat new camera but, on paper, the Polaroid Snap or Polaroid Snap+ might not excite through the spec sheet alone but they promise to bring back the fun of instant hard copy photos.

Granted, the Polaroid Z2300 packed its own Zink printer but it was a little clunky but, more importantly, was a little on the expensive side. The C3 was tiny but lacked the printing smarts.

Now, the Snap will happily squirt out pictures in black and white, sepia, or colour, which you can control from a small wheel mechanism on the top of the cam, but it also looks cool in a ‘My First Camera’ kinda way.

The Snap uses Zink paper (no ink, just thermoprinting tech here) to produce 2×3-inch prints and the upgraded version called the Snap+ adds a screen and connectivity, so you can connect it to your phone and use it as a mobile printer.

polaroid snap group picThe Snap is roughly the size of a portable external hard drive, and can easily fit into your pocket so is ideal for holidays and other fun photo opportunities.

The Polaroid Snap is available now from Amazon.co.uk for £89.99 in White, Black, Blue or Red.