Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Camera Out This Year

polaroid-pogo-printingBack in the summer of last year I heard that Polaroid was getting all new fangled and producing a digital camera with a printer inside to crank out hard copies while we’re on the move.

Just like the much loved picture shaking version – but newerer! 🙂

It’s not exactly a compact but c’mon! It is packing a full printer as well as enough paper for ten prints!

The clever snapper uses Zink technology meaning that all the ink needed is embedded within the paper itself.

Just snap a picture, choose in-camera editing options, such as printing and red eye correction, and print it out at under a minute per pic.

Each photo has an adhesive backing too, and there’s even the option to add a ‘traditional’ white Polaroid border to photos.

Retro cool!!!

It goes worldwide by the end of the year for £130.