Poken – The Cutest Business Card Out There

pokenDigital business cards are all very well but let’s face it – they can never be classed as being cute (if you can prove different please send a pic)!

Poken lets you exchange contact details with someone using physical means. But Poken is really, really cute.

The friendly, funky USB device comes in four styles: bee, alien, panda and flaming skeleton.

All you have to do is get your Poken’s hand up to your buddy’s in a high-five stylee. Then when you plug your Poken into a USB port, your friend’s contacts will automatically sync to your Poken account (which then propogates to Facebook, MySpace and other networks).

It all works fine as long as everyone you possibly want to trade details with also has a Poken…………………but who wouldn’t want one? How could you resist those faces?

Just think how different American Psycho would’ve been 🙂

Poken site – buy from Firebox