Pocket Jockey – No Euphomisms Just an iPhone Game

This has NSFW (not safe for work) written all over it. Even the name is a little suspect – but it actually is perfectly innocent.

Well, if two very knowledgable gaming ladies bouncing up and down on a bed is allowed at your place of employment. They are fully clothed by the way 🙂

What am I going on about?

A new game for the iPhone – Pocket Jockey

Pocket Jockey simulates those seaside arcade games where you have to propel your horse down a ‘track’ by either whacking something with a mallet, ball-rolling or water gun-squirting.

On this version for the iPhone the idea is to actually jump up and down like a Monty Python Knight – to recreate a horse’s gallop.

For those that need more speed: A firm slap to your own hindquarters (time to use that riding crop) delivers an additional boost via accelerometer detection.

Still confused about those ladies I mentioned earlier?

Watch them demonstrate the game for you in the video below.