Pocket flamethrower is hottest self-defense device

pocket flame thrower presentationPepper spray to imprecise? Tasers a little too zappy? How about your own flamethrower to keep pervs away?

Yup, here we have the latest in personal protection. A pocket flamethrower.

I almost feel sorry for any would-be attacker. Well, actually, scratch that.

If you attempt to pounce on anyone without consent, you should expect to get burned. In this case, literally!

Anti-wolf flamethrower

The hottest thing in self-defense right now is this flame-throwing device. OK, so the website describes it as an “anti wolf artifact [sic] self-defense… portable vehicle”. But we all know that it’s really an anti-perv flamethrower, right?

elegant flame throwerLooking like a cross between a vape pen and a lightsaber this personal protection device is the size of a pocket torch.

pocket flame throwerThe thing is, it shoots out real flames that can reach up to 20 feet and hit 3,300 degrees. This tool is lit, yo! (as the kids might say).

One thing that this has over tasers and sprays is that we have a hardwired fear of flames. Anyone pulling one of these out of their pocket or bag and throwing around hot, hot, heat is sure to be off-putting at least.

OOoooo…. your sex is on fire…

Price and availability

It is available in classy matte black for formal occassions and pear silver for when you’re out for cocktails.

They’re priced at $18.59 but, please note, they may not be totally legal in your area, just like that attacker.