Pocket Films – NOT Happy Slapping!

VidN95At last a constructive use for the video camera on your phone (apart from cheeky home flicks and the occassional ‘Happy Slap’).  The Pocket Films Festival is a celebration of the art of making movies with your pocket blower.  Now in it’s second year the craze seems not to be showing any signs of slowing down.

Japan’s first attempt at the Pocket Films Festival is based on a partnership between the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and the Forum des images of Paris which has staged numerous audio-visual events including special feature screenings of as many as 1,000 films a year, in addition to organizing the Pocket Films Festival since 2005. Although we are inheriting from them the “esprit” of Paris, the center of the film world, and the format of a film festival where films shot with a mobile phone are screened as works of art, we are also keen to develop a set of plans for our festival that are unique to Japan.

So budding film makers – none of this “I can’t afford the gear to make a film worthy to show” nonsense.  Get yourself a decent mobile phone and start filming!! 

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