Pleo ReBorn – The Dinobot Returns!

If you mourned the extinction of the very cute green robo-dino Pleo then mop your eyes!

A brand new updated version of the Pleo has been unveiled.

The new version is called the Pleo RB or Pleo Reborn.

Instead of just offering the single hue the new improved baby dinosaurs come in pink or blue – girl or boy respectively.

As well as new colours the dinobots also get skin variations and different eye colours to make each Pleo RB sold unique.

Pleo RB has a number of new sensors that make it interact more with users and the world. The Jurassic pet can smell RFID tags and has voice recognition that allows the diddy dino to recognise and respond to its name when you call it. Pleo RB will also respond to voice commands like ‘bow’ or ‘come to me’.

Be gentle though – those new sensors will pick up when/if you hurt it and it will then need ‘medicine’. It will also be able to tell what time it is and will act hungry or tired accordingly.

For more about Pleo RB – go here.

How cute?

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