PlayStation Vita will get Vodafone 3G SIM in UK – PS Phone?

It has been a couple of months since I’ve written about the Sony PlayStation Vita but I was discussing it only last weekend. The coincidence is that it looks like the portable gamer is to have another trick up its sleeve – 3G connectivity!

This will mean that not only will it have real gaming controls and share the PlayStation 3’s power and games line-up it will feature the same touchscreen smarts and 3G network capabilities as your top-flight smartphone.

The PlayStation Vita, which is due out in February, packs a 5-inch OLED qHD touchscreen, full PlayStation controls (including two physical analogue sticks), a rear-mounted touchpad and a quad-core ARM CPU.

That’s enough to go toe-to-toe with any smartphone – but it has all of that with the added bonus of Sony’s portable gaming knowledge and that full array of PS3 controls.

“That’s all very well and good but what about hooking up to a 3G network like a smartphone?” I hear you say. Well, this would be a first for a handheld gaming device and that’s exactly what the PlayStation Vita will have.

Let me just get one thing clear though before we all get too exited. You won’t be able to make phone calls with your PlayStation Vita. As much as I wanted this to become the PlayStation phone that we’ve all been waiting for the Vita will not be a replacement for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

The 3G hook-up will, however, allow you to check your online profile, download game updates and also give you access to social gaming and the likes wherever you are.

Sony has confirmed that Vodafone will be the network of choice in a number of key territories – including here in the UK.

The statement released on the official PlayStation blog states:

The PlayStation Vita won’t replace your smartphone, then, but thanks to Vodafone it will adopt many of the tricks of the smartphone trade in an impressive bid to become your second indispensable portable device.

What do you think? Exciting or would you want the Vita to be able to make and receive calls? In theory it would be cool to at least text people from your handheld gamer wouldn’t it?

Could this be a possibility though software updates or a hack? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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