PlayStation Vita RAM Rumour Quashed in Sony Press Release

Back in May I announced that the next generation portable, or the Sony PS Vita as it’s now known, suffered a memory shrink. I am pleased to announce that this has now been corrected.

Thankfully the Sony PlayStation Vita RAM downgrade that had the portable gamer having its 512MB of RAM halved to 256MB in order to fit the predicted £229 price tag have been crushed by Sony themselves.

Sony has now confirmed that the PlayStation Vita will ship with 512MB of RAM with a further 128MB of dedicated VRAM. All that will be hooked up to the quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor.

The press release also underlines the Vita’s support of Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Skype as announced yesterday.

This all very good but there is still not even a sniff of a UK release date – Readers in the land of the rising sun will be smug in the knowledge that they’ll get the PS Vita in time for crimbo.

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