PlayStation Vita Beset by Software Gremlins – Facebook App Pulled

PS Vita Facebook errorThe PlayStation Vita hasn’t had the smoothest of releases and now, after its UK launch, it looks like Sony’s problems continue with software issues on its latest and greatest.

There were reports of faulty hardware at the Vita’s Japanese launch and now it appears that UK gamers are having issues with the next gen gamer’s software.

The PlayStation Forum is ablaze with gamers complaining that they can’t play PlayStation Mini games on their shiny new Vitas.

Not only that, the Facebook app for Vita has been removed due to other issues – but this is Facebook’s fault, apparently.

PlayStation Minis are downloadable casual games that launched in 2009. Members of PlayStation Plus generally get a PlayStation Mini per month. Now, you’d expect the brand-spanking new and powerful Vita to have no problem in playing these – well, so did Vita owners but instead of a quick game they’re facing error code: C1-2858-3.

It’s not that the Mini games aren’t compatible with the Vita, you can download one to your PSP, transfer it to your Vita and it will play without any hassles.. It’s just that if the game is free through PlayStation Plus you’ll be get that annoying error when you try to open it.

Sony has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix. A spokesperson told Edge: “We are aware of the issue, and will resolve it as quickly as possible.”.

Regarding the Facebook app – well, that’s a whole different ballgame.

Facebook has pulled its app for Vita from the PSN Store after people were getting an error code that forced them to close the application.

This is down to a fault on Facebook’s side of things, according to Sony.

Community team leader PadPoet said the error is a “Facebook specific issue (on their side)”, and that they’re working together towards a fix.

Have you got a PlayStation Vita? Are you having the same problems as reported above or have you some other to add? Or are you totally happy with your PS purchase?

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