PlayStation Now gaming on your 4K TV without a console

Sony XBR 79X900B 4K PlayStation TVSony announced PlayStation Now back at CES 2014 and revealed that the game-streaming system would be available to upcoming smart TVs as well as consoles. Yes, that means PlayStation games on your telly – surely that’s too good to be true? Well, Sony has only just gone and done it.

In January, Sony unveiled PlayStation Now, a subscription-based streaming service that enables you to play PlayStation games which includes full games features such as online multiplayer games and trophies.

Yes, the ability to rent and play PS3 games without owning a PS3 – instead streaming them live and lag-free from the cloud directly to a telly. This is non-console gaming and it’s here, Now. Sony has just announced that its 2014 TVs will support the feature.

Sony says that the nine models, all of which are 4K-compatible, starting with the 49-inch XBR-X850B (US$2,100) and ranging up to the 85-inch XBR-X950B (US$25,000).

Sadly, PlayStation Now is a US-only feature for the time being, meaning that the models won’t support streaming elsewhere.

As well as Bravia TVs, it will also bring previous generation PlayStation games to Sony Xperia devices and the PS Vita, PS4 and PS3.

Eventually the firm plans to roll Now out to non-Sony smartphones and televisions and in other territories.

The services promises to be the Netflix of video games, with subscriptions and individual a la carte rentals available when the service goes live later this year.

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