PlayStation Network Down Tonight – Time for a BBQ!

PlayStation Network ClosedThe PlayStation Network will be down all night and wont return til it’s time to go to work so what’s happening?

Don’t worry my Sony online gaming buddies. It is true that the PSN will be offline from 4pm today until 8am on Friday but it’s apparently nothing sinister.

I realise that the memories of the hacking are still fresh in your scarred minds but this downage is for “routine maintenance”.

So, even though you won’t be able to access the Playstation Store for PS3, PSP or PS Vita, or account management or even register a new account at least your details aren’t being snaffled!

You will still be able to play online games and access online video streaming apps. If you choose to use the time racking up the points with a spot of single-player or story mode, your achievements will be recorded and added to your account once the PSN is restored.

“Regular maintenance,” so Sony says, “is a necessary part of operating a service such as PSN… as part of our efforts to continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience.”

It has been a regular occurance to be sure but it at least it will be back sooner rather than later 🙂

The thing now is what are you going to do? BBQ? Beer Garden? Get out the Xbox? What will it be?

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