PlayStation Neo to be revealed next month

PlayStation NEOSony is planning to officially unveil the PlayStation Neo at a New York Event on September 7th.

That’s right gadgety gamers! According to the latest reports, Sony may well be busting out the all new PlayStation next month.

French site Gameblog has spilled the beans. Not only are they saying September, they have hung a definite date on the Sony reveal.

The report points out that the PS4 was also revealed in New York, and goes on to mention rumours of a possible Nintendo NX reveal on September 12th. That could well push Sony to getting their PlayStation Neo out before Nintendo.

ps4kBut, surely The Tokyo Game Show would make more sense for Sony to take the wrappers off their new console? Well, it normally would. The thing is that the Tokyo show isn’t until September 15th, also console gaming appears to be in a huge decline in Japan. Those two factors, along with the Ninte threat, could make the US a more suitable territory to unleash Neo.

The PS4 Neo was finally confirmed just before E3, after much leaking. Sony shouldn’t only be concerned with Nintendo. As usual, Microsoft is working on an upgraded version of the Xbox One that reportedly packs far more tech power than Sony’s machine.

All-in-all, everthing seems to still be inline for the Neo to arrive at retail this side of Christmas. Word has been that the console will hit shelves in October, which also sits right with a September show.