PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB price better than Black Friday

playstation 4 pro 1TB better than Black FridayHere’s a weird thing. We’ve been through Black Friday week and Cyber Monday but this deal is even better! A 4K gaming console for under £260? That’s the PlayStation Pro 1TB model too.

You’re not misunderstanding anything here. You can actually buy the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB from Amazon UK right now for £40 less than you could on Black Friday.

Why? I don’t know. Just suffice to say you can.

playstation 4 proThis for the console only, but you can add FIFA 18 for another £36 – do that separately and still save £4 on the bundle price.

The white PS4 Pro console is £289.99.

Still, £259.99 for the PS4 Pro is a Billy bargain, especially if a loved one has got it on their Christmas wish list. Get someone to chip in with some top titles and it’s game on for Chrimbo!

The Xbox One X, the other 4K gaming console, is currently listed for £449.95.