Pizza Ordered via Bluetooth Fridge Magnet

red tomato pizza bluetooth buttonIt’s getting easier and easier to get food delivered – first it was ordering by phone, then online and via SMS. Now you can get pizza delivered just by pushing a button on your fridge.

You know how it goes – you’re hungry, the cupboards are bare and there’s nothing you fancy the look of in the fridge.

You could wander to the local store and get ingredients or you can order some ready-made nutrition.

Red Tomato Pizza has made ordering your Italian dough-based meal even easier thanks to a Bluetooth fridge magnet that’ll order up your favourite pizza pie with one click.

All you have to do is sync the VIP Fridge Magnet with your phone, inform the Red Tomato Pizza website of your favourite pizza and then you’re sorted.

Push the emergency pizza button and a single click will summon up your favourite slice.

As it’s bluetooth surely you could have one in your bag so when you’re on the train you can press that thing and meet pizza delivery guy outside your door or, better still, have it pinned to your dressing gown so you don’t even have to move to order? 🙂

At the moment the VIP Fridge Magnet is only available in Dubai – a UK pizza company will have to sort out something similar soon.

After tasting Hell Pizza out in New Zealand I hope that they’re the ones to implement this now that they’re in the UK.

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