Pitendo – the pocket retro gaming console

pitendoSure, these new consoles with their 4K capabilities and big money titles are pretty cool, but sometimes, just sometimes, do you find yourself yearning for a retro classic? How about shoving a classic console or 8 in your pocket? Check out the Pitendo.

Get ready of some pocket-friendly pixelated playtime with the Pitendo Ultimate.

As you have no doubt already worked out by the clever wordplay, this diminutive device is based on the Raspberry Pi 2 in a retro-console designed case.

Your Pitendo is loaded with a 8 GB SD card stuffed with some clever emulator software and utilities already for you to get your gameface on.

pitendo portsAll that is left for you to do is easily install any of the supported ROMs and then you’re slung back to those halcyon days of Nintendo, Amiga, Atari, Sega, Amstrad, Sinclair and the early Playstation games.

Yeah, you could do more-or-less the same on your 2015 PC or laptop but there’s something much cooler in using a shrunken console from back in the day.

Also, did I mention that the Pitendo ships with a single SNES controller to get you going, as well as an HDMI cable for hooking up to a television or monitor and a power adapter.

The price for all this awesome? A mere $129.