Pioneer XD09 Looks Like a CD Case but Writes and Reads DVD’s

pioneer dvrxd09If you love highly portable stuff then check out this Pioneer DVD writer.

The freshly announced XD09 measures in at 5.24 x 0.58 x 5.24-inches and 8 ounces, or slightly heftier than the average CD case.

Pioneer claims that it’s the most compact drive design yet and it certainly looks like it.

This means if you carry your optical media around with you just use this as the case and when you get to where you’re going to just hook the ‘case’ to the puter and away you go! Robert is your mother’s brother!

It connects and gets power via USB 2.0, so there’s no need to worry over a burdensome and easy to lose AC adapter. The drive supports discs as large as 8.5GB via its dual layer DVD-R support.

The drive is actually quite speedy for a portable, with an 8x max DVD writer speed and a 24x max CD write speed; it will be available next month for $79.99.

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