Pioneer Rayz / Rayz Plus – smart lightning earphones for iPhones

Pioneer RayzPioneer introduces Rayz and Rayz Plus earphones. This is a new line of truly innovative ‘appcessories’ for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

These new earbuds blend the intelligence of an iOS app with innovative Lightning accessories to deliver experiences not possible through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Pioneer Rayz and Rayz Plus

Rayz and Rayz Plus use Apple’s Lightning audio technology and aim to simply and smartly solve the top challenges that today’s mobile consumers experience on a daily basis.

Talk and Charge

Rayz earphones maximise all of the benefits offered by the Lightning Connector.

They are powered by iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, so no additional batteries are required.

rayz charge portThe Plus model is also the first and only Lightning headset with an in-line charging node. This clever addition enables it to simultaneously charge iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while the earphones are connected and in use.

These new earphones from Pioneer are based on Avnera’s breakthrough LightX platform. So, these earphones operate in modes with the lowest power use possible from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The LightX platform also plays host to multiple smart features making the Rayz earphone line the ultimate iPhone companion.

Smart Features

Despite its small size, each model contains six microphones which enable several key first-to-market features.

Noise cancelling

Firstly, Smart Noise Cancellation, a standard feature for both models. This patented technology scans your ear and optimises the noise-cancelling performance uniquely to your ear and environment.

Pioneer Rayz PlusAdditionally, while other noise cancelling products focus on noise for frequent flyers, they promise to deliver exceptional noise cancellation across the entire noise spectrum of everyday life.


Add to that, HearThru mode. This is designed to let in just the right amount of outside noise so you can stay in touch with your surroundings without taking your earphones off. Great for cyclists, runners, walkers – you get the idea.

Ear detection

Next, these smart buds use the embedded microphones to implement sensor-less on-ear detection. Yup, these earphones know when they are in or out of your ear. This means that they can automatically pause and restart your content so you don’t miss a moment of music or video.

They will smartly enter a low power mode and saves you from accidental battery use if you do not put the earphones back on.

Smart control

Using a combination of the 6 microphones and multi-mic voice processing, phone calls are improved. Not only that, easier thanks to the smart button.

Pioneer Rayz whiteThese happen to be the only Lightning earphones to support a one-button click to mute the mics during a call.

The programmable smart button also allows you simple access to open apps and to control the advanced features of these earphones.

Rayz app

Finally, an integral part of the experience is the companion app.

Rayz App iphoneThe Rayz by Pioneer app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch enables you to personalise the earphone’s settings. For example, adjusting audio EQ or programming the smart button.

This app also allows the earphones to continually improve with the delivery of new features via the software update interface.

Rayz and Razy Plus prices and availability

Pioneer Rayz

Will come in Onyx or Ice finishes, available from mid-July – £109 / €129.

Pioneer Rayz Plus

Choose from Graphite and Bronze metallic finishes, available from mid-July – £149.95 / €179.95