Pioneer and Onkyo now Works with Sonos

onkyo TX-RZ3100Pioneer and Onkyo Europe GmbH is happy to announce that it has joined the ‘Works with Sonos’ programme.

The ‘Works with Sonos’ programme is a certification process for products that can connect with the Sonos Home Sound System seamlessly.

The feature will allow selected Pioneer and Onkyo products (listed below) to integrate with a Sonos Home Sound System on the same Wi-Fi network. This enables you basic control of your hi-fi product via the Sonos app.

Works with Sonos

Pioneer VSX-933Naturally, for this to work, the audio output from the Onkyo/Pioneer components will need to be connected to a Sonos Connect Wireless Music System unit.

When set up, a user will be able to play music via the Sonos app and the Pioneer or Onkyo component will…

  1. Automatically wake up
  2. Automatically switch to the right input connection
  3. Allow the user to select the volume level via the Sonos app
  4. Play the chosen music


A firmware upgrade will be required to add the ‘Works with Sonos’ functionality – instructions on how to do so can be found on the companies’ websites: and

Compatible products

The full list of ‘Works with Sonos’ compatible products at launch are as follows :-


  • VSX-933
  • VSX-LX303
  • VSX-LX503
  • SX-N30AE
  • SC-LX701
  • SC-LX801
  • SC-LX901


  • TX-NR686
  • TX-RZ730
  • TX-RZ830
  • TX-8270
  • TX-8250
  • TX-RZ1100
  • TX-RZ3100
  • PR-RZ5100