Pink Pure and Turtle Pictures Escape From Microsoft

Pink Turtle PureYou know that the first details broke of the Microsoft-backed phones earlier this week.

Today you get to see the real things!

What you get is the Moto/Palm styled ‘Turtle’ and the ‘Pure’ is the one that appears to share heritage with the Google G1.

As already stated both handsets will be made by Sharp who, incedentally, also make the hardware for the Sidekick handset.

The pics seem to be the only new news apart from the candybar Pure has a slidey out keypad and the fact that these phones seem to have a focus on the ‘youth’ market (more Sidekick leanings) and there’s whispers of a related app store and that Zune functionality.

Thing is – the Sidekick is more popular stateside and Microsoft has said a huge no to the Zune coming to the UK.Pink Pure Turtle

So – will these Pink phones make it over?

Would you buy one if they did?

Let me know 🙂

Pics and scoop by Gizmodo

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