Pink and Rubbery for your Fingers

Now, it’s not often I get to post on here about something pink and rubbery………..and here it is!

Now that you’ve breathed a sigh of relief let me get back to the plot.  It is in fact a roll-up, USB keyboard and yes, it is pink!  Kinda reminds of of those ‘Pink Panther’ bars that you used to be able to buy (if anyone is old enough to remember them).

Here’s the selling bit:

  • Rolls up or folds to fit a handy pocket or space in your bag
  • Full 109-key US PC keyboard
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • Dust proof, water resistant and easy to clean
  • Robust silicone rubber design
  • Almost silent soft-touch key action
  • Connects to standard USB and PS/2 keyboard connectors
  • Light weight (349 grammes)
  • If you can’t possibly live without one of these now and have £13 burning a hole in your pocket – hop over to