Ping Your Musical Taste to Twitter

When Apple’s Ping ‘social’ network landed I, like many of you, was bemused by the distinct lack of social network integration.

Even with that hiccup it didn’t prevent a million iTunes users from signing up in less than two days.

That is set to change as you can now link your Twitter account to your Ping one – that means that whenever you post about a song, review an album or simply like a track, it’ll show up in your Twitter feed.

It’s taken long enough eh?

Thankfully that wait may be even worthwhile as the tunes you Tweet/Ping (Twing?) about will come with playable previews from iTunes. If you click on a song that’s been tweeted via Ping, it’ll show up in the details pane where you can listen to it and even hit a link to take you to iTunes so you can buy it.

Well, it’s a start 😉

Watch the vid to learn more 🙂

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