Ping Wallet – the smart wallet that senses when there’s something wrong

PingWalletPing Wallet is an slim aluminium smart wallet which has the unique position of packing anti-loss and anti-theft tech as well as being able to let you know if you have a single card missing.

Ping Wallet has been designed to connect to your iPhone or Android smartphone and will alert you when the wallet or phone are separated. Those sensors can also be used should you have misplaced either item.

Ping Wallet uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to make the connection to your smartphone and provides peace of mind when you are out and about.

Once paired the wallet packs a theft alert should the phone or wallet be parted. The lost connection alert and proximity search both have a range up to 100ft (30 metres).

I quite like the card detection function which senses when a card has been removed and will beep until it’s slotted back in to the wallet. Handy if you have a habit of leaving your card behind a bar to pay for your tab. I am not sure if the wallet will beep continually until the card is replaced or will go to intermittent soundings if a card is absent for a length of time.

The Kickstarter demo below shows a bit of lag on the theft detector when the wallet was removed, but when the phone was taken the wallet soon shouted out.

The good news is all that tech is powered by a replaceable battery that has been designed to last for up to two years.

“At just 3mm thick; Ping* is slimmer than 4-stacked credit cards, yet can hold more than 10 cards and a great deal of cash”

Ping Wallet is currently a project over on Kickstarter and the team are looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production.

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