Pin Secure Enclosure

by Nilay Patel

Sure, we’ve seen several newfangled hard drive enclosures and flashdrives with fancy biometric security options, but why put yourself at risk of having a finger lopped off (or worse, simply copied, Mythbusters style, when you can lock down your data with a simple PIN and still keep that MI6 vibe? IOTEK’s ezSECU ez850 is just your ticket, then — the USB 2.0 enclosure accepts any 2.5-inch SATA drive you might have lying around and works with Windows and Mac OS X — but won’t allow access to your data unless the right PIN is first entered on its old-school touchscreen LCD. There’s not much more to it than that — we’re hoping it at least beeps and plays a cheesy animation when it unlocks, but since we’re unable to find out if this thing is ever going to make it out of Korea, we’ll just have to keep making our own sound effects.

Via SlashGear