Pimp your Hoover with authorised 3D printed parts

hoover flashlightThere’s a bunch of people I know who already are kitted out with 3D printers and where this used to be the domain of the Gadgety hobbiest, now that more and more companies are allowing consumers to print their own parts and accessories, I’m starting to think that I should be joining in. Following in the footsteps of Hasbro and Martha Stewart, Hoover will now let consumers print their own accessories for its vacuums, improving their functionality.

The company has just announced that they will release a couple of 3D-printable models through MakerBot‘s Thingiverse platform which can be downloaded by anyone wanting to add additional functionality to their Hoover Air Cordless vacuum cleaner.

One of the accessories (above) allows a flashlight to be clipped onto its extension wand to make it easier to spot fluff and such dark corner detritus. The other (below) is a snap-on mount that allows the vacuum’s extra rechargeable battery to piggyback on the vacuum’s handle.

hoover battery carrierBut there’s a lot more potential here that Hoover plans to explore further with future vacuum models being released in 2015.

Wanting an even finer nozzle attachment? Reckon that cleaning up would be better if your Hoover had a can holder or two? Just print them off yourself.

The company will also be listening closely to customer feedback about this initiative, and will be open to considering almost any suggestion for other parts and accessories. I’m sure that Hoover will be wanting you to keep them clean 😉