Pillo – robotic pill dispenser

Pillo launchPillo is the world’s first artificially-intelligent healthcare companion for the home. Using the latest advances in technology Pillo can recognise, understand, and interact with you. He provides you with the tools and information you need to take control of your health, all from the comfort of your home.

Pillo is a new tamper-proof dispenser that can store different pills for multiple users. Thanks to facial recognition, the static bot can keep track of who has and has not taken their daily dosage.

In cases of medication that can’t be stored onboard (such as liquids), audio and visual reminders can still be offered.

Users are notified when their pill supply is running low – Pillo can even order refills for them online, from a pharmacy of their choice.

Pillo the health bot

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, caregiver, or someone who needs extra assistance, Pillo’s goal is to help you stay healthy.

He can answer your healthcare questions, sync with wireless and wearable devices, connect you with doctors, as well as store and dispense vitamins or medication. He can also send reminders to help you stay on track, and re-order your pills when you’re running low.

pillo reminderAnd, he’s a platform, which means that developers will be able to build new and exciting features for him over time. Pillo wants to be the healthcare hub for the home – the one destination for your health and wellness needs.

Our goal was never to build a smart device. From the very beginning we set out to create ‘someone’ – a true healthcare companion for the home… Consumers these days want more control over every aspect of their lives, from their diet, to the way they travel and the way they share and access information. Their personal health is no different.”

Pillo the health hub

Digital health is growing in leaps and bounds. It seems like there’s an app for almost anything these days.
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What seems to be missing is that one single location that allows you to easily access the services you need. Not only that, this needs to intelligently integrate your health and wellness information to provide you and your carers with a holistic picture of your overall wellbeing.

Pillo sidePillo can sync with wearable fitness-tracking devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, using the data from them to build up a given user’s health profile.

Not only that though. You can ask it health-related questions, such as the calorific content of food stuffs. The robot will then check several pre-approved websites before delivering an answer. It’s also possible to have one-on-one real-time conversations with actual doctors, using the device’s HD camera and omnidirectional microphones.

So this pill-popping robot could well be that hub.

Pillo price and availability

Pre-orders for Pillo begin on June 28th via Indiegogo. Early backers receive a discount of over 50%.

(Exclusive crowdfunding price of $269 versus MSRP of $599.)