Pillcam With Legs – Inner Space Next!

The world of ‘Inner Space’ is still pretty far off but the Pillcam has just had an update.

Those of you that need this explaining, it’s basically a camera that is just about swallowable.  Then as it meanders through your system appearing out the other end it feeds pics back to the doctor.

But now there’s a remote controlled version!

Those scary but tiny legs allow doctors to steer it about the place up to a point and thus getting a more accurate update of where your bits and pieces might be malfunctioning.

Currently, due to the size of these things, they’re limited to trek around Gastro-Intestinal tubes, these being bigger and stronger than most in your innards.

Given Imaging, the Israeli company behind this tech, are looking to shrink it down to a more palatable size.

It can’t be that far off until the term ‘micro-surgeon’ means just that 😉