PicoBrew Model C homebrew beer machine Europe-bound

picobrew mainPicoBrew, the automatic beer brewing counter-top appliance company, has today announced that it will be expanding its business into Europe.

The U.S.-only Pico home brewing machines will soon be available to European customers.

Pico appliances allow anyone to brew delicious “craft” beers. This is achieved in between 7 and 14 days by using PicoPaks from top breweries all around the world.

Kickstarter Initiative for Pico Model C

On May 12th, 2017, the Pico Model C will become available to European backers.

The Pico Model C already ranks in the top 5 most successful Food Kickstarter projects of all time. The project was fully funded reaching $350K USD within just seven hours and passed the $1M USD mark in just 15 days.

What is it?

Pico Model C uses the same innovative technology as the earlier stainless steel Pico to brew fresh craft beer automatically in about two hours.

It has a sleek, black powder-coated exterior and high-contrast two-line OLED display. It also includes the new Pico C Brew Keg. This features a simplified hose connection and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

picbrew pintsPico Model C will retail for €799 MSRP when it hits European stores in Autumn of 2017 and will include the brewing appliance, Pico C Brewing Keg and 5L serving keg.

PicoPaks and the CO2 carbonation kit will be sold separately.

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Kickstarter campaign

The Pico Model C Kickstarter campaign offers early backers a chance to purchase the new model starting at just $329 USD (€302*) plus shipping.


This is a new PicoPak service that includes shipping costs and allows enthusiasts to brew as many PicoPaks as they want each month.

Customers are limited to two unbrewed PicoPaks at any time during their service term. But, as soon as they brew both, they may reorder any PicoPak, including the new design-them-yourself FreeStyle PicoPaks.

The BrewUnlimited Europe service is now available in the following European territories including; UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy.

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European customers that purchase the BrewUnlimited service will receive air delivery of their PicoPaks direct from America. This new service is available for a limited time during the Pico Model C Kickstarter campaign at a special discounted rate.

European residents of UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Netherlands can purchase the BrewUnlimited 2 months offer for $150 USD (€137), and BrewUnlimited 12 month offer for $740 USD (€677) and can continue either subscription at a monthly cost of $89 USD (€81). Subscription fees include shipping costs.

European residents of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland can purchase the BrewUnlimited 2 months offer for $160 USD (€146), and BrewUnlimited 12 month offer for $820 USD (€750) and can continue either subscription at a monthly cost of $99 USD (€90). Subscription fees include shipping costs.

Bundled special rewards

As the Pico Model C Kickstarter has met a number of key stretch goals already, all European backers who purchase a Pico Model C will also receive the following special rewards:

  • Built-in sous-vide capabilities
  • PicoPak from 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Winning Mike Hess Brewing Habitus Double IPA
  • Classic Lemon Kombucha PicoPak
  • Fremont Brewing Summer Ale PicoPak (for customers who order Pico Model C by April 30)


PicoStill is a patent-pending distilling attachment that is compatible with the company’s Pico countertop brewing appliances.

The sleek copper distilling coil fits over the Pico C Brew Keg. You can then use it to distill hop oil, water, and essential oils.

picostillWith proper licenses and permits, it may also be used to distill spirits.

Kickstarter backers can preorder one for $170 USD (€156) plus shipping.

General availability

PicoBrew products will be available in the UK in Autumn 2017 via Amazon and other leading retailers.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page to get the jump on the rest of the crowd.