Phones 4U stock being auctioned off – Beats headphones, smartwatches, cables

Phones 4u closedWhen Phones 4U closed it took most of us by surprise and, as someone who was made redundant when the independent music retailer I was working for went bankrupt, can empathise with the hundreds of people who lost their jobs. The premesies may have been snapped up already but there’s plenty of stock up fro grabs – at hugely discounted prices.

The administrators are obviously looking to recoup as much as they can for Phones 4U’s creditors, but this won’t stop the stack of stock going for bargain basement prices.

If you’re looking at getting thrifty for Christmas presents or just missed Black Friday and can’t wait for the Boxing Day or New Years sales, you might be in luck.

John Pye auctions are listing a selection of Phones 4U stock for you to bid on. The stock includes what you’d expect – Beats headphones, smartwatches, Apple cables, Bluetooth speakers, and much more.

Just make an offer and you could end up owning an expensive piece of tech without destroying your bank balance. Just as an example, Beats Solo headphones retail for £140 but in the auction some pairs were sold for as little as £52.

There’s an auction each week which kicks off on Friday evenings and ends on Tuesday afternoons.

If you are one of the unfortunates that are still waiting for an iPhone 6 refund from the company, I’m sorry but the money raised from the auctions will be going towards paying off Phones 4U’s debts and hopefully ensure former employees get the wages they are owed.