Phone dead but need to make an emergency call? Shake it!

shake phoneThe law of sod dictates that when you really need to make a call your battery is guaranteed to die. What if all you’d have to do is give your mobile a shake to give it enough juice for that call for help?

Shaking your mobile phone in order to recharge it might sound like science fiction but there’s work being done to produce a new cellphone charger that turns movement into energy.

Shashank Priya and his colleagues at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg are designing an emergency onboard charger that draws energy from the force of your fingers clicking the keypad, your voice – or just by giving the phone a good ol’ shake.

Granted, it’s not going to give you enough to fully charge your mobile, but a sufficient amount for an emergency call.

According to Priya: “In an emergency you could just shake your cellphone for a few minutes to get enough power to make this one important call,”

The same bunch of boffins have also recently completed a micro wind-turbine charger that fits into a water-bottle-like container. The charger generates a watt of power with wind speeds of around 8 to 10 kilometres per hour. It connects to a cellphone via a standard USB connection. Carging takes around 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half, says Priya.

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