Phillipe Starck Designed Parrot Zikmu iPod/iPhone Speakers

parrot-starckAs soon as I start to type the words “iPod speaker system” even I start to get heavy of the lids.  But the market is still rather short of ones designed by the ultra-fashionable types.

Designed by one of my favourite designers at the moment, Philippe Starck, the Parrot Zikmu speakers are possibly the the only way to go.

These speakers are not just for your ipod/iPhone by-the-way; oh no.

The Zikmu sound system is good for just about any gadget you possess, just as long as it has either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to stream the noise across the room.

Yup, even stream tunes from your networked puter!

Failing that though, you can of course just whack your iThingy in the slot on the top.

Each speaker stands around 75cm in height, offering a ‘360-degree immersive sound experience’ for room-filling audio and a stylish curved design that’s certain to impress any reader of glossy home magazines. Unfortunately all of that comes at a price – and with the current exchange rate, you’re looking at just over £1,000 when it launches in spring 2009.

Parrot via Born Rich