Philips TV 5863 wins Red Dot Award 2018

Philips 5863Philips TV has scooped a prestigious Red Dot Award for their ultra-slim 5863 LED television. This is a great feat as it boasts an integrated Bluetooth soundbar speaker.

There is generally a conflict when looking to buy a new television. Whilst price will undoubtably be a factor, the less glamourous fact of space will also require consideration. This will usually mean that we find ourselves compromising on picture or sound quality – or even both!

However, the clever Philips 5863 beautifully integrates a high-quality TV and a powerful Bluetooth hi-fi speaker. That speaker can be used either with the TV or listened to independently.

If you think all of that sounds a bit too cumbersome for your stylish home, have no fear. This telly just happens to have just received a prestigious 2018 Red Dot Product Design Award.

Philips TV 5863

Philips 5863The original concept for the 5863 was for the integration of a dedicated sound base into a TV. We can all agree that skinny tellies never have the audio punch to match their visuals. So, Philips wanted to create a new product category focused on creating amazing sound and images in secondary spaces such as kitchens and bedrooms.

Philips TV has reduced the frontal silhouette of both the TV screen and the speaker. Additionally, it has managed to improve image and sound quality over existing conventional TVs.

The design is further enhanced by the inclusion of a classy rear mounted (chrome/silver) arm. This is how the TV connects to the stylish, angled separate speaker base. Furthermore, that speaker is clothed in an acoustically transparent speaker fabric, developed in collaboration with Danish fabric specialists Kvadrat.


Commenting on the award, Rod White, Chief Designer for TP Vision said:

It is always a major challenge to combine two products and still offer an improved overall final form factor, one that is far more than just the sum of its parts. We are the only brand to offer this integrated proposition and I believe that through careful detailing, tight tolerances, the use of high-quality materials and finish, plus the enhanced performance and functionality, we have turned the 5863 into an exceptional, stand-out product.

I’m delighted that the Red Dot organisation agrees that we have successfully executed the concept and has honoured the product with a 2018 Design Award”.

What’s Red Dot?

The Red Dot Awards are one of the largest and most respected annual celebrations of product design on the global stage.

Each year, over 5,000 submissions from nearly 60 nations across the globe are put forward to be judged. Thses are then tested and inspected by a team of specialised design experts. Those select 40 people judge the Red Dot entries for innovation, quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. Only then they will choose to reward the device with an international Red Dot award for the best designed product in its category.

Price and availability

The new set will be available in autumn 2018 in both 2-inch and 32-inch flavours. They will include Smart functionality for the first time, featuring Philips own, easy-to-use and intuitive Saphi Smart system interface.

Pricing is not yet available.