Philips AmbiLux launch – Harrods exclusive

Philips AmbiLux haloThe Philips AmbiLux television was officially launched as a Harrods exclusive last night at the Knightsbridge store.

An extremely small group of tech journalists were treated to experience what Philips is calling “the ultimate immersive viewing experience”.

The new 65-inch 4K Ultra HD AmbiLux TV, or Philips 65PUS8901 to give it its Sunday name, is a Harrods exclusive when it goes on sale this spring.

AmbiLux represents a new level for the existing award-winning Philips Ambilight system which uses LEDs on the rear of the TV to create a coloured halo of light on the wall behind.

The continually changing colours precisely match the on-screen content to create the impression of a much larger image and to provide a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Philips AmbiLux halo roomThe new AmbiLux technology takes this concept even further, with actual on-screen images now also displayed – and extended up to three meters – behind the set by using nine pico-projectors, each precisely positioned on the rear of the AmbiLux TV.

Philips AmbiLux projectorsAdd to that the AmbiLux’s 4K Ultra HD chops, which has four times the resolution of a conventional Full HD TV, partnered with the unique Ultra Resolution upscaling technology, you get pin sharp images with stunning colour.

The Philips AmbiLux TV is powered by Android TV TM and certified by Google, giving access to all TV orientated apps, services, and content in the Google Play Store while also complementing the existing Philips Smart TV offering.

Under the hood is a Hex Core processor which, when paired with the advanced remote control with QWERTY keyboard, swipe pad and speech recognition technology, you get seamlessly smooth and swift navigation through all the menus and channels.

Even with the projectors in the back, the AmbiLux has been beautifully engineered to maintain a razor-slim, elegant form.

Philips AmbiLux frontEuropean design and premium materials ensure a high quality finish with the ultra-narrow bezel achieving a seamless connection to the Ambilight halo. I really like the the polished chrome Bladewire stand which manages to create the effect that the telly is almost floating.

Whilst at the launch the Harrods team had an Xbox One hooked to the AmbiLux which gave us a great excuse to test out the 8901’s dedicated game mode.

[youtube id=”pwv3KJ3Az2Y”]

When in this mode the TV reduces processing lag within the set to the bare minimum – for instant in-game response – while maintaining smooth, judder free motion.

Whether playing directly from a console or console quality games – from leading companies such as Gamefly, Chillingo and Gameloft – all streamed from the cloud via Philips Android TV platform, the 8901 adds a special, more dynamic and intense Ambilight performance, to take immersive game playing to whole new level.

Philips AmbiLux angleThere are a total of 18 halo modes in the TV itself but a soon to be released app with provide even more choice, including some special football-related designs which will display team colours or let you virtually yellow and red card players adding more involvement in the game.

If you have any devices from the Philips Hue Smart Lighting range then you can sync them up with the AmbiLux TV and take Ambilight even further by providing a whole room experience for total 360° immersion.

Philips AmbiLux 4K TV price and availability

The 65-inch Philips 65PUS8901 AmbiLux TV will be available at the end of March, exclusive to Harrods, priced at £3999.