Phiaton MS 400 Carbon Fibre Headphones

The quickest way to make anything look hi performance, modern and cutting edge is to construct it from carbon fibre.

This even works with a pair of studio grade cans!

These are Phiaton’s latest model weighing in at a mere 6.5oz.

To keep the weight down Phiaton have made the MS-400 from carbon graphite fibre encased in a double-shell high polymer enclosure.

They also say that they have worked on the airflow, optimizing it to deliver “concert hall sound quality”.

The MS 400 features flexible joints that fold in two steps making it perfect for mobile studio engineers (kinda like the PortaPro’s that rock with my iPhone).

Light doesn’t mean cheap at $249 but if they perform like top-level studio headphones then it’s not that expensive really when you compare them with other top end monitor cans on the market.

I’d love to test them in a studio environment so…….if I could try a pair…… 😉

Other specs include:

  • Weight: 6.5oz
  • Drivers: 40mm electrodynamic
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Input power: 1000 mW

The press release, issued today says:

“…The carbon fiber housing helps deliver crystal clear sound and eliminates any sound leakage. To ensure better resonance values, deep rich bass, a full-bodied midrange, and sparkling high notes, the carbon is encased in a high polymer enclosure with a double-shell structure

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