Percussa Audio Cubes – Futuristic Music Makers

percussa-audio-cubes_1I’ve just been pointed in the way of the Percussa Audio Cube website and I’m totally intrigued.

This totally looks like a cool, futuristic way to make music.

The cubes work with your existing audio software through MIDI as well as with any existing VST plug-ins that you have and require minimal setup.

Templates and sounds are already included to get you started quickly.

If there’s a bunch of you using AudioCubes they’re able to ‘talk’ to each other wirelessly without any complicated setup.

AudioCubes are available in a set of 1, 2, 4, 8.

The more cubes in a set, the more you can save on your cubes and software.

One cube setups are great for quick hands-on manipulations of effects, while 2 and 4 cube setups are great for Live performance and more complex sound and music creation. The 8 cube set gives you the ultimate hands-on setup to control various aspects of your music and performance simultaneously.

I’m eager to give these a blast and I bet they’ll look good on stage 🙂

Check out the vid clip below.

Percussa AudioCubes – An Introduction from percussa on Vimeo.