Pentax Optio WG2 and WG2-GPS Extreme Cameras – Iron Man Would Approve

PENTAX WG2GPS OrangeIf Iron Man carried a compact camera it would be the Pentax Optio WG2 or WG2-GPS.

Both the Optio WG2 and WG2-GPS have been designed to be the extreme sporty-types of the camera world.

The Pentax pair of outdoorsy Optios are of course waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant.

This means that they are both quite happy to be submersed to 12 metres, bounce from a 1.5 metre drop, laugh whilst withstanding a weight of up to 100kgf and giggle at temperatures as cold as -10 degrees (which will come in handy this week).

Apparently, the CMOS image sensor inside these hardy cameras makes the 16MP WG2s ideal for shooting in poor light conditions.

The WG2 twins also are packing 5x optical zoom, the ability to shoot full HD video at 30fps and a high-res 3-inch LCD display.

Obviously there is one difference hinted at by the Optio WG2-GPS’ name.

This one loves geotagging your photos and making full use of GPS-compatible apps and services such as Google Maps.

It will also automatically update its built-in clock to match local time of your location too!

Pentax’s roughty-toughty WG2 and WG2-GPS will be available from March and cost £300 and £350 respectively.

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