Pentax K-x DSLR Gives You 100 Colours and 100 Styles to Choose From – Looks Like a Benetton Ad

Pentax_Kx_100_Colors_100_StylesYou go to buy a camera and chances are you resign yourself to it being a black box more often than not.

Short of taking your DSLR to a gadgety colouring specialist like Colorware you’d usual be stuck.

Sure – you can get red, silver, and some limited edition finishes but Pentax feels your pain.

You want, nay, need to express yourself.

To this end Pentax has recently introduced the new upper entry level DSLR camera Pentax K-x. Breaking away from the conventional black coloured bodied DSLR, the new K-x will come in a whole new range of colours. “Pentax K-x 100 colours 100 styles” provides you with 20 coloured bodies and 5 coloured grips to mix and match around with.

With the possibility of 100 different colour combinations, the K-x model certainly offers a uniquely customisable option to make you happy snappers.

Get your team colours, show your patriotism, flash your keen designery eye – just go crazy!

Here’s a spec list but hey – look at those colour combos!

All that’s left to say is that you can go get one now!

Click here!

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