New Pentax K-01 Shoots over 16MP Through any Pentax Lens

Pentax K-01 Interchangeable Lens Cam YellowPentax has officially unveiled their retro-tastic K-01 which can be loaded with any Pentax lens. Tasty.

The Pentax K-01 will happily snap impressive shots through it 16.28MP CMOS sensor and you’ll not be short of lenses to use either.

This new camera is equipped with a Pentax K lens mount and so will welcome any Pentax lense, including SLR lenses! Time to dig out those old Pentax lenses then.

Mark Newson designed the K-01 to have an old-school feel but the tech inside is bang up-to-date.

You get ISO sensitivity from 100 to 25600 (when expanded), 1080p video smarts right up to 30fps, HDMI out and a new HDR mode. There’s also a wide-angle 3in LCD screen and a speedy five images per second burst mode. Pretty sweet you must agree.

The K-01 will land next month and you will have a choice of finish: black on black, black on silver or in that rather eye-catching yellow on black above.

Priced at £680 with the DA 40mm f/2.8 XS lens or the somewhat beefier DAL 18-55 lens.

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