Pellermodel Concept by Bandai for Stalkers and Puppet Masters

pellermodelIf you’re one of those people that like to ‘cartoonize yourself’ or ‘create yourself as an avatar’ then this is right up your boulevard!

Say hello to a model you courtesy of the odd Pellermodel concept, the art of creating “true 3D paper objects”.

Now Bandai is planning to sell “Pellermodel” kits, so you can build a small, puppet-like, jointed toy thing that features your own face – and possibly soul!!!  (not actually sure about that last point by-the-way).

All that users need to do is to access Bandai’s dedicated Pellermodel website  [JP], upload a face picture, and print and attach the picture to the model’s head. Your “3D” figure can then be pressed out the plastic frame in seconds.

The Pellermodel will be available in Japan from July 18 for $6.

Bandai will offer four colours (yellow, white, green and pink) for the figures and around 70 print templates for clothes and other accessories.

I can just imagine all the creepy stalkers buying these and cutting out and attaching the faces of their fantasy partners….   ~shudder~

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