Peli unleashes their most powerful tactical torches

police peli 7100 7600With Law Enforcement professionals in mind, Peli Products has developed two new torch models – the 7100 and the 7600.

I have the Peli 1810 LED keychain torch attached to my car keys but these latest light bringers are on another level.

The 7100 and 7600 are Peli’s most powerful compact tactical torches to date, and one of the best options for today’s law enforcement torches.

With the latest LED lighting technology along with its great features and its compact design, makes them a unique companion for the professionals in the field.

The high-performance of the 7600  and the 7100  coupled with a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery, are just the beginning of these multi-talented products.

Peli 7100 and 7600 performance

Peli 7600 tactical lightThe 7600 up to 944 lumens, only 15.7 cm long.

Peli 7100 tactical lightThe 7100 up to 695 lumens, only 13 cm long.

Both models provide high, strobe, medium and low modes, giving users the option to choose from 5 different programs. This makes them perfect for any situation.

The full time battery level indicator ensures you will always know the battery status. Both torches have an extremely robust body thanks to the hard anodising finish Type II (7100 model) and Type III (7600 model).

You can even use disposable batteries should power be unavailable. This guarantees that users will never be without light when it is needed most. The removable pocket clip and their waterproof status rounds out the many features on the Peli 7100 and 7600.

Peli 7600 tactical light greenIn addition to the high performance white LED, the Peli 7600 model provides a red and green LED. These added colours offer night vision preservation. Not only that, when partnered with a slip-on wand accessory (sold separately), it can be used for traffic control.

Personally, I think I need of these in my life.

Peli 7100 and 7600 price and availability

The 7600 costs £84.74 and the 7100 can be yours for £71.46.

They are available direct from the Peli website. Head over for more information and to buy:

This new compact tactical light range is backed by Peli’s Legendary Lifetime Guarantee (where applicable by law).