Peli Air case 1507 for drones, cameras and gadgets

Peli announces the Peli Air 1507 case. Perfect for drones and cameras.

Peli introduced their Air case range in 2016. With the new range, they reduced the case weight by up to 40%. Today, they are extending the series to ten cases with the introduction of the 1507 Peli Air Case. 

The Peli Air 1507 has an internal measurement of 38.5 x 28.9 x 21.6 cm. Outside, the case measures 42.8 x 35.8 x 23.5 cm). There are no other cases across the Peli ranges that have these dimensions.

Peli Air 1507 case

The Air 1507 was developed to serve as the smallest size in the deeper case part of the Peli Air case range (1557, 1607, and 1637 Air cases). The new case offers more versatility, portability and durability. Furthermore, the dimensions makes it perfect for drones, cameras and other electronics.

The 1507 Peli Air case passes the same performance tests as expected from Peli products. Additionally, you are also backed by the company’s legendary lifetime guarantee of excellence.

Peli Air Case 1507

Peli’s engineering team worked closely with materials scientists to find ways to cut weight but keep the design’s strength. The result is that they were able to construct cases that are the lightest protective cases on the market today.


The 1507 Peli Air case is available in four configurations:

TrekPak™ – a completely new divider system with rigid, customizable panels and locking pins.

Pick N Pluck™ foam – manually customisable cubed foam.

Padded Dividers – newly redesigned with a fully-sewn tub, felt exterior and high-visibility yellow interior, making it easier to identify equipment.

No Foam (empty) – allows a blank slate for custom interior solutions.

The case is available in Black, Orange, Silver and Yellow.

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