PEEX interactive live music platform

peex rxPEEX is a brand-new pioneering live music platform. It has been designed to improve the connection between fans and has just now been revealed.

This has piqued (or, PEEXed) my interest as I have been in live bands consistently for the past 30 years (gulp!).

PEEX promises to make live music more interactive and personalised. Although, actually being at a gig/concert is pretty interactive and personal.

However, PEEX offers a two-part way of achieving more interaction. First, PEEX LIVE enables music fans to create their own enhanced 5 channel mix of the live concert sound. They will remain truly immersed in the energy of the performance via wearable technology, the rX, and an easy-to-use app.

Additionally, PEEX RELIVE will provides a forum for the musicians to sell audio downloads of past and future live shows. This will, of course, be rendered in PEEX’s unique 5 channel interactive audio format.

This, at least on paper, seems a more friendly way than MQA Live, for instance, for the actual content creators to reach their audience.

PEEX new experiences

peex rxI have been told that PEEX offers new experiences, content and business opportunities for the whole of the music industry.

Global music ticketing revenues are predicted to hit $24.6bn (more if you include unscrupulous vendors engaging in ‘reselling’) by 20211. The new platform is poised to grow this number further, providing new commercial opportunities for artists, labels, and venues. Moreover, it will generate additional revenue from live shows that have previously gone uncaptured.

The tech bit

peexliveTo enable the PEEX LIVE experience, the PEEX team collaborates with artists to take an audio feed from their production. They then separate the multi-channel mix into five separate stems that are transmitted to the audience. The transmitted signal is in a proprietary and encrypted format.

A fan-owned wearable PEEX rX picks up that signal and synchronises with the PA system ensuring no perceptible delay in the two sound sources. The connected Bluetooth app then provides fans the ability to personalise the experience via a 5 channel mixer set up by the musicians and instruments.

peexliveThe 5 channel in-app mixer splits the sound into five adjustable channels, such as the piano, bass, vocals, etc. This enables fans to be able to control and set up their preferred multi-mix of the sound.

The rX blends the live sound with a personal digital mix. Thus creating the perfect concert experience for you anywhere in the venue.


peex rxAccording to the company, this tech has been carefully designed to ensure you’re not isolated from the concert experience.

The rX is provided with a set of earbuds that allows some ambient sound to still be heard. However, should you prefer to use your own headphones you can do via the standard 3.5mm jack.

Additionally, after the show, you can relive your favourite moments via PEEX RELIVE.

We are promised the same 5 channel mixable format and high fidelity via the same in-app interface. PEEX is currently partnering with selected artists in order to offer download sales of some of their iconic previous live show recordings, all in their proprietary 5 channel format.


Graham Tull, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of PEEX, comments:

We’re delighted to unveil PEEX. Through focussing on adding genuine value both to music fans and the music industry ecosystem, we’ve invented new music technology that we’re all very proud of and believe will revolutionise the live music experience. Artists, labels and venues will all benefit from a closer dialogue with their audience via the PEEX app. We’re looking forward to putting PEEX into action with our upcoming partnerships including A-list talent – it’s sure to be a game-changer for fans, artists, and the live music experience.”

Mike Dawson, CFO of Rocket Music Management, added

Over the last three years, Rocket has worked closely with the team at PEEX as they’ve developed their technology to improve the fan experience at live gigs, and we’re eager to see it go to market. In our partnership with PEEX, we see a disruptive technological breakthrough that has incredible potential to generate new income streams for musicians, artists, venues, and labels alike. All of us at Rocket love PEEX and we are genuinely excited about how it’s going to change the experience of live music for the fans.”

Price and availability

The free PEEX app, enabling PEEX RELIVE, will be available to download soon from Apple’s App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

To find out more information and to keep updated please visit the website. You can also follow the team on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.