Pebble smartwatch app store landing today

pebble app storeIf you own a Pebble smartwatch then you’ll be happy to know that, as of today, you can download apps to it from the official Pebble app store.

Until now Pebble owners have only been able to get apps from third-party sites but with the new app stores opening today Pebblers will be able to grab apps from a central store.

The app store will be available from today, but only for iOS. The Android version is still in beta, and will follow very soon according to reports.

One central app store should make getting apps onto your smartwatch a whole lot simpler.

Once the app store apps get updated and paired over Bluetooth, you’ll be just two clicks away from loading new software from your phone or tablet.

The company proudly Tweeted:

“Putting finishing touches on the Pebble appstore over the weekend — check us out on Monday!”

This was followed up by a tweet from Myriam Joire, the company’s “product evangelist”, which read:

“Exciting news… The @Pebble appstore is ready! We’ll start rolling out the update on Monday.”

The Pebble can only have a maximum of eight apps loaded at once, so be prepared to be picky.

This all follows on from Pebble unveiling a new, metally-gorgeous looking version of the smartwatch at CES, called the Pebble Steel.

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